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Employment Type

Employment Type

Simulated Patient/Participant-Temporary

  • 499323
  • TCU Main Campus
  • Healthcare
  • Temporary
  • Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences

The Simulated Participants (SPs) are individuals trained to portray the roles of patients, clients, family members, or others to allow learners to practice communication and performance-based skills in simulated environments, which are safe for bo...

Executive Director Fort Worth Research Consortium

  • 499043
  • TCU Main Campus
  • Academic Support / Research
  • Healthcare
  • Managerial / Administration
  • Professional Staff

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  • Full-time
  • Burnett School of Medicine

The Executive Director of the Fort Worth Research Consortium is responsible for overseeing all research conducted by the consortium. The Executive Director will manage the overall operations of the consortium and serve as the key business leader f...

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