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Founded in 1873, Texas Christian University sits on 302 acres nestled in a primarily residential part of Fort Worth, just minutes away from downtown. The University includes seven schools and colleges, in addition to the John V. Roach Honors College and the Burnett School of Medicine.

Currently, TCU enrolls more than 10,200 undergraduates and 1,700 graduate students. Twenty-eight percent of students self-identify as a member of a minority group, five percent are international students, and forty-five percent are from out-of-state.

As a TCU employee, you'll join an engaged workplace that's part of a larger community. Regardless of one's role on campus, the work we do contributes to preparing students to lead lives that make a positive difference in the world.

Staff Job Categories

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Academic Support / Research

Texas Christian University thrives on student success and research. Student success is fostered at TCU through one-on-one or group coaching and tutoring opportunities. Meanwhile, TCU researchers take on tough, important problems every day from helping to find new ways to deliver cancer-curing drugs to identifying the best ways to prepare teachers.  

Representative Jobs: 
Research Assistants | Postdoctoral Fellows | Academic Tutors

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Clerical / Office Staff

Regarded as key members of the department, clerical and office staff aid and support departments and fellow colleagues in various areas. They play an important role in ensuring operations and functions are running smoothly and efficiently.

Representative Jobs: 
Administrative Assistant | Academic Program Specialist

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Craft / Trades Staff

Facilities oversees design, construction, and renovation of all capital projects as well as necessary operations, maintenance, repair, and services for existing pavements, grounds, facilities, and infrastructure. Coverage includes 130 major buildings, comprising 5.8 million square feet, on 300 acres of property. 

Representative Jobs: 
Electrician | Equipment Operator | HVAC Technician | Mover Technician | Service Assistant 

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From providing patient care to portraying roles of patients, clients, and family members, our healthcare staff promote wellness and knowledge of health. 

Representative Jobs:
Registered Nurse | Simulated Patient 

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Managerial / Administration

Our managers and administration are critical staff members as they impact productivity, team engagement, and employee retention. Moreover, they contribute to the University's bottom line by implementing and mobilizing programs and strategies, fostering the growth and development of employees, and building relationships across campus and with external partners.

Representative Jobs:
Director | Manager | Supervisor

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Police / Campus Security

TCU police and security are committed to keeping our campus, employees, and students safe and secure. Marked patrol cars, bicycles, and foot patrols ensure high visibility while covering all areas of the TCU campus and provide around-the-clock protection of campus community members and resources on property owned or controlled by Texas Christian University.

Representative Jobs:
Police Officer | Security Guard

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Professional Staff

Professional staff support an array of departments and teams on campus: academic affairs, athletics, finance and administration, human resources, marketing and communication, student affairs, and university advancement. Given their specialized knowledge and skills, they are equipped to maintain campus operations, enhance efficiency, and advocate for initiatives. 

Representative Jobs:
Admission Counselor | Accreditation Coordinator | Library Specialist 

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Information Technology provides computing support for all levels of the University. A complete range of services include classroom technology, network and wireless connectivity throughout the campus, access to the Internet, library and specialized databases, business application programming and academic computing services, hardware repair, and software support and training.

Representative jobs:
Applications Developer | Computer Hardware Technician | Instructional Classroom Support Tech

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